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Coping Cat

Coping Cat is an intervention for children and adolescents ages 7-13 experiencing elevated levels of anxiety. The intervention is based in cognitive-behavioral therapy and can be used in individual or group settings. 

Second Step

Second Step® is a classroom-based social-emotional learning curriculum. The goal of Second Step® is to teach children techniques to gain confidence, set goals, make better decisions, collaborate with others in work and play, and navigate the world more effectively through age-appropriate social-emotional learning. 


PATHS is a social emotional learning program designed for use in schools with K-12 students. Lessons focus on developing conflict resolution skills, emotional regulation skills, and responsible decision making. 

The 4R's

The 4Rs is an intervention for students in grades PreK-5. The 4Rs was designed for classroom use and connects to regular classroom curriculum. The 4Rs helps students build skills such as empathy, conflict resolution, and community building, and it gives teachers strategies to create a classroom atmosphere in which students are focused and ready to learn. 

RULER Approach

RULER Approach aims to help school communities understand the value of emotions, build the skills of emotional intelligence, and create a positive school atmosphere. 

Zones of Regulation

Zones of Regulation® is a cognitive-behavioral curriculum-based intervention for children aged 4 through adulthood and can be used in a small group setting. The intervention focuses on emotional regulation using four colors denoting emotional states the child may be in and how to manage these states.

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